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Energy projects

Our future is green

New technologies and innovative storage techniques have brought us a long way forward in ecologically sustainable energy production during the past few years. Over the medium and long term, we as a society have no choice but to rely on green tech if we do not want to deplete the resources available on our planet entirely. We at ELBA Group are doing our part to help the environment and reduce CO-2 emissions by carrying out numerous energy-efficient renovations and converting the energy supply to our properties from increasingly green energy sources.

Attractive returns through state-of-the-art photovoltaic systems with high efficiency

As energy prices rise year after year, more and more families, companies, and investors are taking advantage of ecologically and economically sound alternatives. Photovoltaic systems use sunlight to generate energy and feed surplus energy into the grid. Consequently, PV systems save the purchase of a considerable part of the electricity required each year from external suppliers and bring additional returns by feeding the converted sunlight into the general electricity grid.

Solar investment

We invest in our photovoltaic systems for our properties, larger solar parks, and greenfield photovoltaic power plants in Germany and Austria. With this, we are setting ourselves up in an ecologically conscious and sustainable way. Our position enables us to achieve three goals simultaneously: environmentally friendly and resource-saving energy production, progressive energy autonomy for our assets, and the achievement of our investment goals.

For investors and landowners:

We are always looking for suitable sites to construct PV power plants.


Digital infrastructure partnerships

For developing the fiber-optic network and connecting private households and businesses to modern, fast broadband internet, the ELBA Group is looking for further partnerships with professional, regionally operating telecommunication companies and fiber-optic expansion and operator projects.

Fiber optic networks – the backbone of every digital development

High-speed internet connections have not only become a cornerstone of the development of modern companies, but are also a decisive feature for households and users with contemporary needs and requirements. Faster and more powerful internet connections can realistically only be achieved through fiber optic networks. We are participating in the necessary expansion of the fiber optic networks, thus invest in the networks of the future.