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More than just assets – our real estates provide a sense of home

Real estate is the soul of our company, thus our primary field of business. Subsequently, are we constantly in the process of acquiring residential and commercial assets that offer a potential for development. Our goal is a progressive expansion and advancement of our sustainable, long-term, and future-oriented portfolio with value add – both for us as an investor and for our partners and tenants.

When it comes to real estate, a long-term strategy that includes development and value accretion is essential. Therefore, we select assets that we want to keep and rent out. Tailored portfolio management that acts with our values, competencies, and visions in mind serves as a compass for both our partners and us.

Bringing real estate to the next level
through expertise, responsibility, and foresight.

Thinking strategically, acting with passion

Strategic thinking in our line of work requires an expert analysis of the current real estate market in relation to previous residential and commercial markets and beginning megatrends. We can align our actions accordingly to benefit as best as possible by anticipating future trends.

We aim to develop real estate assets as CO2-neutral as feasible, built with resource-saving approaches, and conserve energy through modern insulations. Our passion for sustainable real estate allows us to go one step further and seize the opportunities for generating our power onsite, for example, by installing photovoltaic systems on the roofs of our properties. In addition, we invest in Green Power Plants to profit across the entire energy cycle.

Added value and safety

for partners, tenants, and us

For banks and financial institutions

For tenants



The real estate portfolio of the ELBA Group currently includes residential and commercial properties in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands – with over 2500 rental units and several property development projects. The ratio between residential and commercial real estate is around 80% to 20%.


Our asset management includes the consistent survey, development, optimization, and maintenance of all managed residential and commercial properties and is based on our established 360° strategy approach. Our asset managers seize potential, initiate value-enhancing measures, and ensure all parties act consistently and sustainably.

Our goal is to increase the value of our assets while at the same time we strive to improve the living comfort for our tenants. We aim for a stable and secure cash flow through corresponding rental income and long-term contracts.

When it comes to residential real estate, we pay particular attention to energy efficiency and accessibility. We outsource renovations to our regional service providers since we strive for an optimal ratio of costs and benefits. We rely on modern materials and construction methods from the start and plan for the long term regarding new buildings.

Switching the view to the commercial sector, the value increases with consistent occupancy. Therefore, we continually analyze possible assets through comprehensive due diligence and with an individual location evaluation and condition assessment. This way, risks become calculable and tailored developments possible. Whether in A or B locations or exclusive commercial areas – we create, implement and manage individual solutions successfully.

The department of property management we assign to our regional network partners who share our high standards and aim for sustainable economic management and can also excellently implement these. All our property managers’ commercial and technical qualifications have been thoroughly checked and are being confirmed by their regular reports. In addition to the economic management of the operating and ancillary costs and the possible use of budget, property management also reflects the needs of tenants to maintain renting satisfaction and cash flow.

Rental concepts and their realization is part of our asset management and are developed in-house. They are being implemented respectively and adjusted, if necessary. This allows for a high degree of control and regulation, thus allowing for achieving our planned figures according to plan.

The investment strategy of the ELBA Group is designed for the long term. In cases of strategically sensible portfolio adjustments or after exploiting respective asset management potentials, we are willing to sell selected real estate assets, depending on the object.


In the expansion of our portfolio, we are focusing our investments on the following asset classes:

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Residential and commercial real estate

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Office real estate


Retail real estate


Logistics real estate

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