Value creation with diligence

ELBA Group is committed to deep expertise, uncompromising integrity, and long-term value investments. Our core values and driving force are rooted in diligent planning, profound implementation, and a holistic, long-term approach. Our mission is to create growth and sustainable, solid values with high social responsibility. Our principles guide our team to excellence and are shared by our partners.

Our focus lies primarily on real estate investments and development. We carefully seek to optimize every aspect of our real estate and consistently reduce greenhouse emissions, especially by implementing green power plants for energy supply in our assets. Our scope of activity stretches to venture capital investments in emerging groundbreaking technology start-ups with a unique value proposition and extraordinary growth potential.


Michael Uston

Founder and CEO of ELBA Group

Before founding ELBA Group, Michael worked as a marketing and sales manager in global enterprises. Afterward, he co-founded and led a company in POS electronic payments systems and founded a second company in the sector of security technologies. After long years of company structures and development, he successfully sold the companies to global players in the respective sectors. Michael has an extensive network and versatile entrepreneurial experience in setting up companies, business development, and leadership. Michael has been passionately engaged in the real estate investment and development sector since 2009. Michael Uston holds a degree in business administration and is a board member and adviser in various real estate and tech companies.

Dominic Matuschak

Head of Acquisitions, Due Diligence, Strategic Planning

Dominic has already participated in the real estate sector for 20 years and has a profound experience. His areas of expertise include property management and construction management of major projects. Furthermore, Dominic provides a broad network along the entire value chain, a profound core, specialist knowledge, and a formidable experience history over the entire segment of the real estate industry.

Rafael Uston Elba Group

Rafael Uston

CIO Tech

Dr. Rafael is a Legal Counsel with extensive legal and economical education and counts many years of experience in the art of complex judiciary matters. Rafael worked already as head of legal departments for global companies.

Andreas Gerber Elba Group

Andreas Gerber

Project Management, Construction Management, Controlling

Andreas provides profound technical education, together with his wide range of experience in developing and managing a multitude of projects. At the ELBA Group, Andreas is in construction and project monitoring.

Anja Beissert

Accounting, Administration, Supervision

Our organization specialist, Anja, is responsible for accounting and administering the ELBA Group’s residential portfolio and can resort to her wide range of experience.

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